98 Days Remaining…Hammock Failure

I really don’t like the fact that my boyfriend worked out that we only have 14 weeks left of our South American trip. GAAAH PAIN 😦 Oh well, it’s the reason behind this blog now, so I’m going to live with the countdown everyday, drip, drip, drip…

OUCH – Elbow pain………Oh the embarrassment, yesterday I fell out of a hammock IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. Plus it was onto a concrete floor, so I’ve cut all my elbow. RED FACE! I blame the fact that the hammock’s quite high off the ground and I have pretty short legs. What a fool. Gave people a good laugh though sooooo….

Food, FOOD, FOOOOOOD – today has been a good food day. Overall in South America I’ve been pretty dissapointed food wise. This is basically because the streets, restaurants, menus are always dominated my chicken and chips (good at first but boring now). Also travelling on a budget here just takes you to menu of the day places which are pretty hit and miss. SOOOO having a good food day is wonderful. I had a huge suckling pig sandwich from San Camilo market in Arequipa followed by TWO yes two saltenas (similar to a meat and potato pie with a bit of spice). Oh yeah!

OMG as I’m writing this the Italian owner of the hostel I’m staying at (Makondo Hostel on Puente Grau) just handed me a plate of spaghetti with CHEESE and I didn’t even ask for it……SWEET DEAL. They’re getting a good TripAdvisor review hehe 🙂

Ok that’s my thoughts for day 98 done with I reckon. I don’t think it’ll always be this long, I’ve just got pretty excited by this blog idea soooo I can’t stop myself typing! Also, also, also I do want to include the odd picture….buttttt I’ve not worked how to yet…


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