The Countdown…

I’ve come to realise that I only have 14 WEEKS remaining of my South American adventure……that’s 98 DAYS 😦

After being in this hot/cold/mountainous/chaotic/thrilling/tasty/goosebumpingly great continent since the beginning of February, realising I have only 98 days left is pretty sad. For quite a while I had no end date, no flight to the homeland booked,I was thinking it was never going to end.

Not only that but my South American adventure, which began in February, comes on the back of a three year Asian adventure WAHOOO. I’ve been wandering around the globe for a while WONDERFUL times (alongside my partner in crime Tom Priestley).

Anyhoot, I’m digressing……..because of the now loudly ticking clock I’ve decided to blog my 98 day countdown, with the hope of doing a blog a day until I land back into the country which can provide me with an enormous amount of chips and gravy followed by numerous helpings of roast beef and yorkshire puddings (that’s ENGLAND, if you hadn’t already worked it out).

SO here goes, let the countdown commence…

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