97 Days Remaining…We Got Stood Up

Last night myself and Tom got stood up! Ooh, the embarrassment!

We had arranged to go out for a drink with a couple we’d met in the Colca Canyon and they never turned up! Booo!

It’s not like we didn’t know them at all, we’d hung out in the canyon for a couple of days. Basically we’d ended up staying at the same place in San Juan (the only place pretty much). We bonded over tales of the long walk down the canyon (4 hours, all downhill, painful on the old knees) & our shared amazement at the remoteness of the hostel (on the edge of the canyon with no electricity). Anyhoot, we were all back in Arequipa, it was their last night before departing to Cusco, we arranged to meet for a drink and they never turned up! Rude! Probably because they knew they’d never see us again as they were heading north and we were heading south. Either that or they’ve been in an accident… hmm hoping for the rudeness then! Ouch.

Ok, I’m off to watch THE WIRE wow I’m totally addicted to this programme it is brilliant. I know i’m behind, this was an early 2000s hit…. butttt it still works for me. I’m onto series 3…first episode tonight wahoo! Hoping for some serious McNulty & Stringer Bell action. 😉

One more thing:

Food, FOOD, FOOOOOD……….. today more saltenas (sososososo tasty) I’m dying to cover them in gravy (that’s the Northerner in me). Plus today I also ordered a papa rellena, what a tasty treat. It’s mashed potato stuffed with onions, olives & a little egg, squished together and fried. (I have taken some good pictures of them but at the moment the internet’s just not good enough to upload them, another time maybe!)

Farewell, day 97 over and out. 

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  1. sian says:

    Wooohoo I am also counting down the days until i see ur face again!! Love the blog! I am too busy to watch the wire so ur gunna overtake me!!! Speak soon!

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