96 Days Remaining…Clothes Cravings

We’ve finally made the decision that Saturday will be the day we finally leave Arequipa. Ooooh it’s going to be hard to leave this warm weather and super chilled out city BUT we must move on. It’s also going to be painfully hard to leave this cosy hostel.

♥ I heart Hostel Macondo. It’s been such a treat, really hot showers, a comfy bed, SOFT pillows, lovely decorations and HAMMOCKS….All in all a rare kind of hostel. ♥

Peru – Arequipa – Enjoying time on the hammock.

Today I wandered around a department store called Sagafelabella…such an odd name. I found a great shop with NICE clothes, ooooh I wanted them so badly. I think the shop was called Sybilla…..really cute clothes, wishing that shop was in Taiwan when I lived there. SADLY….. 😦 the clothes are not in my travelling budget. But I swear if that shop is in Argentina and I have money left before my flight back to England (unlikely) I’m buying EVERYTHING. I miss pretty things so bored of my travelling wardrobe! *sigh*

Food, FOOD, FOOOOOOOOD 😉 Today believe it or not I ate MORE saltenas, more papa rellenas AND another suckling pig sandwich.

Peru – Sandwich de lechon
Peru – Saltena & Papa Rellena

A pretty sweet lunch don’t you think?! I can’t wait to find out what Bolivia has to offer food wise. PLEASE give me some good stuff!! I really hope the breakfasts aren’t as boring as Peru…..incredibly fed up with the bread, butter & jam option YAWN. :-0

Tune of the day so far is definitely Kasabian, Fire soooooo catchy, I’ve not heard it for ages.

Right I must go out for dinner……..I’m dying to go back to this amazing Turkish restaurant….♦♦(hummus, meatballs, kebabs, olives, pita….)♦♦ but as it’s a budget blower we might save it for a last night in Arequipa treat.

One more thing, The Wire thought for the day.Why aren’t there more female police officers in The Wire?? Every time there is a room full of police there are never any women!! Drives me crazy but I still love it.

Over and Out 🙂

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