90 Days Remaining…Fabregas Facts

90 days, what now?

Cesc Fàbregas: Born 4th May 1987, is a Spanish footballer who plays central midfielder.

I’m really starting to learn some good Fabregas facts. 

For example, since 2003 in every competitive game Fabregas has scored for Arsenal, Arsenal have not lost. Fabregas has also played 303 games for Arsenal.

Now you may wonder why I know these random Fabregas facts, especially as I’m a Manchester United fan. Well, this is because my boyfriend is an Arsenal fan, in particular a HUGE Fabregas fan. Over this non-footballing summer period there has been a lot of tension about whether Fabregas will leave Arsenal or not. There have been a lot of conversations about Fabregas, led by Tom, normally starting with a Fabregas fact that further proves why he should not leave. He’s on edge every single morning (my boyfriend, not Fabregas) when he turns on the computer to read the latest footballing gossip. Scrolling through the BBC’s gossip page at warp speed, squinting for the word Arsenal or Fabregas, a massive sigh of relief when he’s reached the bottom of the page and Fabregas still remains an Arsenal player. Oooooh I cannot wait for the season to start, Fabregas not to leave Arsenal and the facts to stop.

Fabregas Fan Tom

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  1. Anthony Fletcher says:

    Arsenal have drawn Udinese in the champions league play off and the rummour is that barcelona have 11 days to get Fabregas as he will be cup tied if he plays against Udinese. tell Tom not to build his hopes up.I hope Fabregas stays so Nasri will be allowed to go and United can sign him!!!

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