88, 87, 86, 85 Days….Beetle Mania

Beetle Mania – Peru – Trujillo

A few days missed on the countdown due to a lack of Bolivian internet. So here’s a little something to make up for my quietness…

Beetle Mania – Bolivia – La Paz

As soon as I crossed over the border from Ecuador into Peru I noticed something really strange…….there were Beetle’s EVERYWHERE!

Beetle Mania – Peru – Puno

I’d say every fourth car was a Beetle. Not only that but they were pretty good looking, well cared for Beetles (leather seats, up-to-date sound systems, freshly painted…..very nice indeed).

Beetle Mania – Peru – Arequipa
Beetle Mania – Peru – Arequipa

Also they were in every colour imaginable…red, yellow, green, black, blue, white, orange…..in every shade and sometimes even stripy!

Rainbow Beetles.

Beetle Mania – Peru – Cusco

It led to many roadside debates…

If you could have a Beetle, what colour would you choose?????

I’d never noticed Beetle’s dominating the streets in Ecuador, Colombia or Venezuela, in fact I’d never even seen one there but in Peru??!! They must have fallen out of the sky or something!

Beetle Mania – Peru – Arequipa

I was really interested to see if they would continue south into Bolivia…..and guess what they do! The streets of La Paz are also full of Beetle’s. I must admit they are not in as good a condition as they were in Peru but they are still here and they are still super cool.

Beetle Mania – Peru – Puno
Beetle Mania – Peru – Puno

I just wish I had my camera ready and waiting for every single Beetle I’ve seen because I could make such a huge, colourful collage. Ohwell, you’ll have to make do with the shots I’ve got! Although I am now obsessed with snapping every Beetle I see….hmm I may have a problem.

Beetle Mania – Bolivia – La Paz


Beetle Mania – Bolivia – La Paz

P.S. I would LOVE an old Beetle please (also an old mini, but that’s another story). Why anyone would buy a new Beetle I’ll never know.

Beetle Mania – Bolivia – La Paz
Beetle Mania – Peru – Lima


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