78 – 69 Days… Chocolate Heaven

78 – 69 Days Remaining

Delicious, delightful, heavenly, enchanting, breathtaking, tasty, scrumptious, delectable, yummy, luscious…

Just some of the words that ran through my head whilst I ate THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER!

It was a surprising experience. I’m in a Bolivian city called Santa Cruz. There’s not a great amount to see and do here but the weather is really warm and there is a bustling plaza to people watch from. I haven’t had the best time food wise in Bolivia. It’s all been pretty boring, lots of soup and rice, nothing to write home about. Actually it got to a point on one night in Santa Cruz that my boyfriend and I ended up having breakfast for dinner because we just couldn’t find anything decent to eat. Anyway we were wandering the streets, not really hungry and not really wanting any more ‘comida tipica’ so we stopped at this really in your face ice-cream/pastry/cake place full of people, noise and colour. After spotting a huge chocolate fudge cake covered in chocolate pieces in the cake display we went about searching for it on the menu.

“FOUND IT,” I screamed.

(I can get overly excited when it comes to food, in particular chocolate cakes).

“Tentacion” it was called, Spanish for temptation and it was very tempting indeed. It was also HUGE, the biggest cake portion I’ve ever received in my history of ordering cakes. In England the size of this portion would probably cost about 15quid but thankfully in Bolivia it cost only £1.80. There were about four layers of soft, moist chocolate sponge. In between each layer of chocolate sponge was an even thicker layer of mouthwatering chocolate fudge. The whole cake was also covered in chocolate fudge, tons of it. PLUS there were huge pieces of chocolate stuck to all the sides of the cake. There’s more… in addition to the chocolate sponge and chocolate fudge there was a sweet tasting strawberry and the plate was covered in squirted chocolate, not even the cheap kind, think luscious melted chocolate. By the end of it we felt like big, fat pigs but happy, very contented pigs. Therefore a day later we went back and ordered some more.


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(P.S… I´ve been without the internet for a week, a pain in some ways as that is my only access to news, info, family & friends. But in other ways it has been a nice break from the real world. Plus it has meant I´ve had plenty of time to sit outside in the sun with my writing book and write some blogs. However now I´m back (briefly) in the land of the internet, in this terrible internet cafe with it´s horrendously slow internet… my blogs won´t upload. Booo! I´m hungry and I can´t wait any longer so I´m leaving with just one blog uploaded. Hopefully in my next destination, Sucre, I´ll be able to bombard you with the rest of them. Over and out.).

4 Comments Add yours

  1. sian says:

    That was the best description of chocolate cake ever!!!! hahahaha! sounds Delicious! xx

  2. Leanne says:

    My mouth is watering. Is it possible to fly to Thailand for a curry, then Bolivia for THAT cake followed by coffee in Vietnam?! 😉

  3. Kim & Tony Fletcher says:

    glad the food as once again appeared now we know its just the Internet
    you did not have, I’m off to eat roast chicken! xx mum

  4. wooo thanks for all your comments!! Leanne i’ll let you arrange that food trip, i’m in!!!!! Oooooh I want a proper roast chicken nice! Mum I was thinking how in January all I wanted to do was eat every English meal I’d missed, well this time, in November I think all I want to do is COOK, so get the ingredients ready!! I’ll be your and dad’s personal chef! haha xxx

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