10,000 views! Let’s celebrate with a beer!

Nic's PP, Railay, Phang Nga 292

Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way? I’ve got about four half written blogs on my Dashboard, painfully waiting for completion but I haven’t visited my blog for so long they’re gathering dust. However, last week my inbox pinged with news of a comment on one of my rambling posts. A lovely comment from across the Atlantic drew my attention back to this dusty blog and I realised that despite my lack of posts it still gets a lot of views, 10,224 to be (very nearly) precise! In celebration of getting over the 10,000 mark I thought I’d share a beer or two with you.

One of the first things I do to settle into a new place is find a cafe, bar or street seller and grab a drink. Well, actually if you know me, it’s the second thing I do, food always comes first. Anyway… it’s funny to find that even though you’ve just crossed over a border, what you had been drinking for the last month is no longer sold in the new country you’ve entered. From the toxic (Taiwan Beer…gets you drunk but pretty chemical tasting) to the truly memorable (watching the sunset on a beach in Thailand supping a Chang) it’s a great way to chill out after a horrendous bus journey, meet some locals and maybe make a new friend or two.

Cheers for getting the blog over 10,000 views! The four half written blogs on my Dashboard will eventually make their way here but until then, what you drinking?

Thailand beer

Colombia beer copy  Peru Beer copy

Taiwan beer copy

Ecuador Beer copyMalaysia Beer copy

Philippines Beer copy

Vietnam Beer copy

Venezuela Beer copy

Bolivia Beer copyBrazil Beer copy

Argentina Beer copy

*Small Writing Disclaimer – we’re not alcoholics, all photos taken over approximately four years Winking smile

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  1. sian says:

    congrats on over 10,000 views! xx

    1. thanking you!i couldn’t find a beer travelling picture with you on it!! only cocktails, very strange, will have to search my Taiwan pics xxx

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