In Brief…


A northerner with a love of travel, blue skies, photography, flowers and food.

You’ll find me: wandering with a podcast on (PCD!), taking photos, forcing myself to run, cooking something new or checking the United score.

Study: Liverpool John Moores University, BA Media & Cultural Studies (Hons); CELTA (and a University of Lincoln Staff Award, does this count?).

Previously: Post university, three years in Asia (travelling and teaching in Taiwan); a year in South America (travelling from top to bottom); four years in Lincoln working at the University (in the Advice Service) and on the weekend exploring (and eating) as much of the UK and Europe as possible. After that, four years in Kuala Lumpur working at the British School of KL, eating endless rotai canai and wandering as often as possible despite the lack of pavements.

Have lived: Manchester, Liverpool, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Have travelled: Some of Europe, South Asia, South-East Asia, South America and North America (desperate to get to Africa).

Now: Taking a short breather following the death of my fun, happy dad Tony to pancreatic cancer; a hideously aggressive disease that took away his quality of life almost immediately. Sadly, he lived less than a year from official diagnosis (pancreatic cancer is a common quick killer, survival from pancreatic cancer has barely changed in 50 years). We’ve raised money for Pancreatic Cancer UK, if you want to donate to help research and raise awareness of the UK’s 4th biggest cancer killer you can do so here:

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