Day 4 – Hello Jalan Alor!

Two things that really make me think of South-East Asia are incredible, mind blowing beaches and crazy/noisy/food filled streets.

In Kuala Lumpur I’m obviously not going to get the incredible beaches (I’m leaving that for the east coast islands of Malaysia, hoping to venture there after the rainy season ends) but I am definitely, 100% going to get crazy/noisy/food filled streets. And that’s what I got on Friday night.


Hello Jalan Alor! This street was crazy! It immediately brought back a mountain of memories from my South-East Asian backpacking days of 2008. I just love this way of eating! In the evenings Jalan Alor is filled to the brim with restaurants and food stalls all piling in to one long street in the Golden Triangle. It’s usually crowded with people and vendors desperate to get your attention. As it had just absolutely chucked it down the crowds had vanished making it a much cooler experience. Everything intrigued me, too many options for an indecisive person. We walked the whole length of the street, taking it all in whilst capturing some cool shots on my newly purchased GoPro (my name is Nicola Fletcher and I am already a GoPro addict). The stalls on Jalan Alor seem to serve a variety of Chinese Malay and Thai cuisine. I settled for a Thai feast towards the far end of the street, Tom bartered the price of the beer, I was definitely back in Asia.

We ordered, or probably I ordered too much, but I wanted it all alongside a giant Tiger beer and a fresh coconut.

For dessert, not that I could really fit it in, I opted for the coconut ice-cream stall, a much needed cool down. Despite my love of Asian street eating it’s going to take a while for my body to adjust to eating spicy food at 30oC!!

Before venturing to Jalan Alor we did a quick stop at the Petronas Towers. In the evening, when they’re lit I don’t believe there is a better skyscraper. They literally take my breath away every time. All I can do is look up.


The sight of them never gets old or boring. I can even spy them from the balcony of my apartment, such a treat even if they are quite tiny in the distance.

Day 4 was a good’en!


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  1. zzzisle says:

    jalan alor is the place where you are spolit for choice for food.

  2. AJF says:

    Jalan Alor was a great place to explore and sample lots of different types of food

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