Diving with Deer in West Bali National Park

Deer and diving, two things you can find together believe it or not, literally right next to each other, where the sun shines, the sea is warm, cozy and full of coral. Huh? Where? I hear you cry over the soft hum of your procrastinating brain. Well, hold on to your coffee cups (too much?)…

32 – 20 Days… Just a little run

Ladies and gentlemen you have heard correctly I have started running. Shock horror.

There is even a picture of me doing it.

How about that then?!

90 Days Remaining…Fabregas Facts

90 days, what now?
Cesc Fàbregas: Born 4th May 1987, is a Spanish footballer who plays central midfielder.

I’m really starting to learn some good Fabregas facts…