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One of the best things about travelling has been seeing what everyone else eats. Yes really I find it that interesting. I like to know what everyone else queues up for or reserves or slaves over the hob for because if they do it means it’s good, possibly amazing. From tiny snails at a Taiwanese night market to the biggest steaks you could lay your eyes on in Argentina, I’ve been there to try it… more than once. Although I do still have A LOT to cross off my list, my stomach is rumbling now!

Along the way I’ve blogged about the food that’s made me stop and sit and you’ll find most of those blogs listed below. Although if you really want to see what I’m eating check out my Instagram. Yes, my name is Nicola and I take pictures of food although so do most people now.

The desire to snap and savour my meal or that market stall started in Taiwan when I wanted to show friends and family the random, odd and often delicious new food I was trying and that was before I got an Instagram account. I saw the locals doing it so I joined in too. Now I’m addicted!

Food is such a huge part of culture, what and how we eat has an impact on who we are, I find it really interesting. That’s why I want to take pictures and write about of all the food I find on my travels.


Satay on Jalan AlorFood Worth the Plane Fare – From Thailand to India and Argentina, absolutely delicious. (I wrote this in 2012). This is still my most popular blog post. Shockingly I received nearly 1000 hits on the day I posted it because the Lonely Planet retweeted a link to it.

Taiwan - LunchboxTaiwanese Food – I spent just over two years working in Taiwan which meant a lot of trips to local night markets sampling their awesome food (apart from chicken feet, they’re just not for me).

DCIM100GOPRODay 6 – Pan Mee -What’s that? I hear you say. Pan mee! Pan mee is a noodle dish which originates in Malaysia. All I want to do is cross off as many Malaysian must eats as possible and this one sounds like a good’en.

BA-San-Telmo-20-10-2011-009.jpgBakeries Rule Especially in Argentina – mmm the tasty delights of an Argentinian bakery, who knew?! My obsession with dulce de leche started here.

IMG_20151124_162333(1)My Local Mamak – A 24/7 Indian restaurant which seem to be found on most street corners in Malaysia. The ultimate Malaysian meal is found here, the roti canai.