Day 3 – My Local Mamak

At around 3am on day 3 I realised I couldn’t sleep, I’d been hit with jet lag. After an hour or so of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook stalking and the Guardian I dozed off until the sound of the sleeping teacher’s 6am alarm woke me up, again.

I dragged the duvet over my head and into the lounge to join the now awake teacher for his morning coffee/Whatsapp/news/BBC sport routine.

Later in the day I napped, a dangerous move when trying to adjust to a new time zone, the ridiculous humidity clearly adding to my dopiness. I forced myself to wake up by unpacking. The main ground rule was do not sit down…

Day 1 & Day 2 – The Malaysian Chapter

Tuesday 17th November, three months after booking my flights the big travel day had finally arrived.

My flight, well the first of two flights to be precise, was due to depart Manchester Terminal 1 at 8.30pm. It was strange having a whole day building up to leaving and saying goodbye, I think it actually made it more difficult. Anyway the day consisted of packing, unpacking and packing some more; the great hand luggage dilema…what would I need to occupy myself for 14 hours up in the air and two in an airport; a dental appointment (not too bad as my dad’s my dentist) and finally eating some cheese (as venturing to Asia means goodbye cheese which is obviously the hardest goodbye).

In Brief…

A northerner with a love of travel, photography, cooking and (of course) eating. You’ll find me…

Paradise in Penghu…


Penghu, I miss you!

Penghu is Taiwan’s tropical paradise, just like the Philippines but fewer islands. To imagine it you must first take Taiwan’s beautiful Kenting, throw in a few more beaches, longer coastline, mix in the whitest of sands and then multiply that by 50 and you’ve just about got Penghu.

Bakeries rule, especially in Argentina.

Glorious snow capped mountains, endless hiking trails, lakes, vineyards, wine tasting, whales, red meat, jam-packed BBQs hanging from giant hooks in the ceiling, Summer and Winter weather days… these are all the things that attracted me to Argentina. Little did I know that I would leave the country after two months with an addiction to dulce de leche and an enormous love for their baked goods.

10,000 views! Let’s celebrate with a beer!

Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way? I’ve got about four half written blogs on my Dashboard, painfully waiting for completion but I haven’t visited my blog for so long they’re gathering dust. However, last week my inbox pinged with news of a comment on one of my rambling posts. A lovely comment from across the Atlantic drew my attention back to this dusty blog and I realised that despite my lack of posts it still gets a lot of views, 10,224 to be (very nearly) precise! In celebration of getting over the 10,000 mark I thought I’d share a beer or two with you.

The Land of the Yellow Belly

Lincolnshire… home of the Red Arrows, lots of RAF airfields and one of the best preserved copies of the Magna Carta. It’s a county which produces nearly 20% of all food eaten in the UK. Plus The World Egg Throwing competition apparently happens each year in Swaton, although unfortunately I haven’t experienced it yet.

I’ll go anywhere for food…(not prison).

The best thing about travelling for me has been seeing what everyone else eats. Yes really I find it that interesting. I like to know what everyone else queues up for or reserves or slaves over the hob for because if they do it means it’s good, possibly amazing. From tiny snails at a Taiwanese night market to the biggest steaks you could lay your eyes on in Argentina, I’ve been there to try it… more than once. Although I do still have A LOT to cross off my list, my stomach is rumbling now!

The Facts & Figures of My South American Adventure… (just in case I lose my diary)

I’ve finally finished putting the vast assortment of South American photos I’d collected during my recent travels on Facebook. It’s taken me a while, I really was snap happy but how could you not be whilst wandering around that glorious continent. The last South American album I uploaded on to Facebook was from Iguazu Falls in Argentina and it featured my last ever South American bus journey. This got me thinking, well how many bus journeys did I take during my whole trip of South America? Which was the longest or shortest? Then, that lead me to think, how many different places did I sleep? How much money did I spend in March or how much money did I spend in Peru? What was the highest altitude I reached? And so on and so on…

Bolivian Madness on The Death Road…

I stopped the 4.45AM (!!!) alarm before it even managed to sound. My eyes ached with tiredness, I hadn’t slept well at all, Yawn, argh, bleh it was time for The Death Road…