32 – 20 Days… Just a little run

Ladies and gentlemen you have heard correctly I have started running. Shock horror.

There is even a picture of me doing it.

How about that then?!

42 – 33 Days… Suspicious Balls

It’s 9.30pm at night, it’s pitch black and cold. I’m on a night bus going from Tucuman to Mendoza in Argentina. I’ve already been on the bus for five hours. Everybody around me is sleeping, or trying to sleep. I can hear a couple of snores coming from somewhere so there’s definitely one successful passenger. I’m really jealous of the snoring passenger, I wish I could fall asleep.

50 – 43 Days… Going Cooking Crazy

Throughout South America I’ve cooked a lot. This has been a surprising development to my travels. When I travelled around South-East Asia I never dreamt of cooking, well I couldn’t have cooked even if I’d wanted to, beach bungalows don’t tend to come with kitchens! Plus in South-East Asia eating out is cheap, whether it’s at a roadside stall, a night market or even a respectable restaurant, eating out in South-East Asia never empties the purse. The same can not be said of South America.

56 – 51 Days… Where did all the change go?

Recently I was in a South American supermarket, a Bolivian supermarket in the city of Sucre to be more precise, waiting for my change. You’re probably thinking this seems normal enough and incredibly straight forward. You wait a millisecond for your change, the man/woman behind the till hands it over and BOOM you’re out the door with your shopping. Well, this is not the case in South America. As I was waiting patiently for my 3 Bolivianos change (that’s pretty much zero pence by the way) the man/woman behind the till started looking at me strangely and I thought uhoh here we go again.

59 – 57 Days… Yoga Yawn!

Moving around a lot from hostel to hostel can often result in me having trouble sleeping. At the moment I’ve not really stayed anywhere in Bolivia long enough to get comfortable so it takes me a while to get to sleep. Therefore I’ve decided to start doing some yoga before bed in the hope of relaxing enough to fall into a yawn and off to sleep land. I really didn’t think it would work but it has. As soon as I start doing a little relaxation routine I yawn and start to feel sleepy, it’s great. Plus it’s a great way of stretching off at the end of the day.

62 – 60 Days… The Ultimate Dream

I’m staying in another lovely hostel at the moment, well I never like to call the places I stay hostels, despite hostel often being their name. Most often if you call a place a hostel, the word comes with a negative connotation, especially if you’re speaking to people who don’t travel on a budget or are of a certain generation. People tend to think…

65 – 63 Days… An Electric-Shocking Shower!

Who knew that showering in South America could be so dangerous??? Well, let me introduce you to the South American electric shower.

It makes me shiver just thinking about it. I first came across one of these showers in Colombia. It is an electric shower, but not the normal electric shower you would come across in England. Instead of the electric cables being in a safe box or behind the wall, they run along the top of the shower. The cables are just there mixed in with all the water and shampoo. Not only that but these showers are never too high so you have to watch yourself when you put your arms up to wash your hair. A simple touch can give you the biggest shock!

68 – 66 Days… An Ocean Not a Lake

The most gorgeous, glistening blue you could ever imagine going on endlessly for miles and miles. I knew it was huge but I really didn’t think it would look so enormous. You can only ever see land on one or two sides of it, there’s always a part that just keeps on going. I’d love to fly over it; I reckon that’s the only way you could really get a grasp of its full size. However here are a few facts (collected from the numerous tourist leaflets I was handed whilst at the lake) to help you try and imagine the enormity of it…

78 – 69 Days… Chocolate Heaven

♦  ◊  ◊   78 – 69 Days Remaining…

Delicious, delightful, heavenly, enchanting, breathtaking, tasty, scrumptious, delectable, yummy, luscious…

Just some of the words that ran through my head whilst I ate THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER!

It was a surprising experience. I’m in a Bolivian city called Santa Cruz. There’s not a great amount to see and do here but the weather is really warm and there is a bustling plaza to people watch from. I haven’t had the best time food wise in Bolivia. It’s all been pretty boring, lots of soup and rice, nothing to write home about. Actually it got to a point on one night in Santa Cruz that my boyfriend and I ended up having breakfast for dinner because we just couldn’t find anything decent to eat. Anyway we were wandering the streets…

82-79 Days… Border Crossings, a Brick Wall?

Recently my mum asked me a few questions about crossing land borders, as I’m up to my fourth border crossing on this South American tour. What happens? Is it safe? How do you do it? Is there anything separating one country from the next like a brick wall????