89 Days Remaining…Reminiscing

89 89 89 89 89 89 DAYS!!!

Isn’t reminiscing the best?? Today I’ve been reminiscing about the South American trip so far. I’m trying to decide which experiences have been the best so far…hmm…. very tricky, I’ve seen a lot, eaten a lot and done a lot…

90 Days Remaining…Fabregas Facts

90 days, what now?
Cesc Fàbregas: Born 4th May 1987, is a Spanish footballer who plays central midfielder.

I’m really starting to learn some good Fabregas facts…

91 Days Remaining…Pedicure Fairy?

Travelling has given me the feet of a 90 year old. They are disgusting, no offence to any 90 year olds out there.

Actually you probably do have nicer feet than me because you keep them all cosy and soft in your slippers. Mine on the other hand are not cosy in the slightest…

92 Days Remaining…The South American Bus Experience

As you are sat reading this post I should be travelling from Arequipa in Peru to Puno, the city next to Lake Titicaca. As I will be on a South American bus for five hours (this feels like NOTHING after doing a 20 hour journey) I thought I would post a blog about South American buses…

94 Days Remaining…Great British Food

Well, some crazy guy in the main plaza (Arequipa, Peru) just filmed me and Tom on his video camera REALLY OBVIOUSLY. When we noticed (as he was right in front of us) he just nodded and walked away, the mentalist. This really reminded me of living in Taiwan and having my photo taken a lot by strangers because I was a foreigner…

95 Days Remaining…The Peruvian Roof Dog

Well this countdown malarkey is going fast…since I’ve been paying attention to it anyway! 95 days!! Argh!!


In Peru a lot of the buildings are only one storey high, so for security Peruvians put a dog on the roof and LEAVE IT THERE 24/7!

The roof dog is their security guard. I don’t know why they can’t use barbed wire, broken glass…..

96 Days Remaining…Clothes Cravings

We’ve finally made the decision that Saturday will be the day we finally leave Arequipa. Ooooh it’s going to be hard to leave this warm weather and super chilled out city BUT we must move on. It’s also going to be painfully hard to leave this cosy hostel…

97 Days Remaining…We Got Stood Up

Last night myself and Tom got stood up! Ooh, the embarrassment!

We had arranged to go out for a drink with a couple we’d met in the Colca Canyon and they never turned up! Booo!

It’s not like we didn’t know them at all, we’d hung out in the canyon for a couple of days. Basically we’d ended up staying at the same place in San Juan ..