South America- Blogs

The information on this page & the subsequent South American blogs were written in 2011.

This whole website, all my ramblings, photos and everything in between, was created during a 9 month backpacking adventure in South America. I really wish I’d started earlier when I first wandered, ate and scuba dived around South-East Asia but what can you do. Did WordPress exist in April 2008? *Goes straight to Google, WordPress began on May 27th 2003*. Dammit.

Anyway, I had 100 days remaining of my South American tour and I wanted to record the awesome, sometimes bizarre and often tasty things I was experiencing. I saw it also as a way to let my family and friends go beyond the pretty Facebook album and hear about things that needed more than a one word caption.

So, the blog began in Arequipa, Peru. I have to admit with hindsight the early blogs were bad. I just typed and nonsense came out which is why I won’t be sharing those below although they are still on here somewhere…

Here’s a random selection of my blogs from the end of my South American trip in 2011 which should hopefully give you an insight into my life on the road (in a coach).


The Facts and Figures of my South American Adventure -how many bus journeys did I take? Which was the longest or shortest? How many different places did I sleep? How much money did I spend in March or how much money did I spend in Peru? What was the highest altitude I reached? And so on and so on…


Magical, Mystical Machu Picchu – the story of my very early morning trip up the many, many steep Incan steps to Machu Picchu and details of the best bit Wayna Picchu.

Border Crossing...the all important signs.

Border Crossings, A Brick Wall? – having travelled from Venezuela all the way down to Argentina by bus I had to cross quite a view borders, sometimes easy often stressful but always interesting.


Bolivian Madness on the Death Road – I did it, I survived biking all the way down the Death Road which at one time was the world’s most dangerous road. This was thrilling and definitely fast, I would recommend you give it a go!


Where did all the Change Go? – ¿Tienes diez Bolivianos? The wait for change in Bolivia and most of South America was painful. I had problems getting change throughout South America. No-one ever had change or so they said, change was just too precious.

Argentina - Overnight Bus

Suspicious Balls – Read about my scary experience with the army police on a night bus in Argentina going from Tucuman to Mendoza.


Bakeries Rule Especially in Argentina – mmm the tasty delights of an Argentinian bakery, who knew?! My obsession with dulce de leche started here.

The bus that took us from Ecuador (Vilcabamba) to Peru (Piura).

The South American Bus Experience – after spending a day and/or a night on a South American bus you can do anything!

Lake Titicaca - An Ocean Not a Lake

Lake Titicaca, an Ocean not a Lake – Lake Titicaca in my experience was best viewed from Bolivia. The most gorgeous, glistening blue you could ever imagine which goes on endlessly for miles. I knew it was huge but I really didn’t think it would look so enormous.

Read those? Well here are a few more!