68 – 66 Days… An Ocean Not a Lake

The most gorgeous, glistening blue you could ever imagine going on endlessly for miles and miles. I knew it was huge but I really didn’t think it would look so enormous. You can only ever see land on one or two sides of it, there’s always a part that just keeps on going. I’d love to fly over it; I reckon that’s the only way you could really get a grasp of its full size. However here are a few facts (collected from the numerous tourist leaflets I was handed whilst at the lake) to help you try and imagine the enormity of it…

84, 83 Days…A Definite PuNO!

Puno is Peru’s closest city to the legendary Lake Titicaca; in fact it’s right next to the lake. I’d heard that Puno wasn’t really anything special and not the place you want to lay your eyes on Lake Titicaca for the first time. However after travelling five hours on a late afternoon bus from Arequipa I decided to stay in Puno to decide for myself. What a mistake!