32 – 20 Days… Just a little run

DSCN8066On my fourth run in El Bolson, Patagonia, Argentina, just twenty minutes and back to the hostel! (Spot the snow capped mountain behind me, this town is surrounded by snowy mountains, gorgeous).

32 – 20 Days Remaining

Ladies and gentlemen you have heard correctly I have started running. Shock horror.

There is even a picture of me doing it.

How about that then?!

This was taken during my fourth run, wow. The first run was painful, the second run was worse still, the third run was barely possible but the fourth run (despite my stupid attempt at tackling a hill) went very well.

After the first run I ached all over. I mean my feet ached, my calves, my thighs, my bum, my arms EVEN my tail bone! How is it possible to have an achy tailbone? I have no idea but I got one.

I could only walk down the stairs at the hostel when no one else was around, it was too embarrassing. Actually what was embarrassing was hobbling around after my second run, walking like a 95 year old and then witnessing a cyclist turn up at the hostel WHO HAD BIKED FROM ALASKA TO ARGENTINA!!! Well, I felt ridiculous, I just glossed over the fact I was achy from my second ever twenty minute run.

I’ve not really done a lot of exercise since leaving high school, that’s about eleven years ago (sob, I feel old). But in high school you name it I did it. Hockey captain, wing attack netball player, 2nd base on the rounder’s team, swimming fanatic, I even joined the girl’s basketball team (despite being 5 foot 2 inches tall). However once college started the sport stopped, college sport was too serious, all about county and nothing about fun. Over the last eleven years I’ve done the odd walk here and there, maybe played badminton with friends but nothing with the aim of getting fit.

So here I am in Argentina (El Bolson in Patagonia), at the final stage of my South American adventure and I’m running. Why? Who knows. Maybe it’s because my boyfriend is one of those annoyingly fit people who actually enjoys going out and doing exercise all the time. I sit eating a plate of cheese and he’s doing press ups right next to me. Hmm that might be a reason why I’m running. Or maybe it’s because I’m about to turn 26 (baaah) and I can’t run. I literally can’t run without losing a pint of water in sweat and turning the same colour as a beetroot. Perhaps it could be because this South American trip has been based around hiking. I’ve done so much hiking. I’ve been wandering along the Andes for about seven months, what else is there to do? This has felt great hiking in the hills, why not try running in the hills? (Important side note for future sponsors, I will actually never run up a hill, I will only run on flat ground).

Despite having a couple of incentives I think I’m running just to see if I can. Will I ever be able to run and not ache? Will I be able to run without returning wet through (sorry for this disgusting detail, I blame my dad, I gained his sweaty genes). Will I be able to continue running in England? I’m not going to place a bet on that one but it’s nice to have a challenge. Maybe you should try it too.

Adios mi amigos!


More blogs are coming! I have been a little blogging lazy because I have been seriously distracted by the awesomeness of Patagonia. I need to up my typing as only 20 DAYS REMAIN . Boohoo.

Next stop on my trip is Puerto Madryn and Puerto Piramides on Argentina’s Atlantic coast. I’m off to see the whales and hopefully about 500,000 penguins too!


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If you want to find out where I’ve been so far in South America, as I only have 33 days remaining, take a look at my route on this South America map My Travels…South America created by WildYellowBelly Photography.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anthony Fletcher says:

    Steven our new associate has just started running and completed his first marathon on sat at chester in 3 hours 38 mins He says dont give up it will get easier. I say find a sport you like as runnuing is boring!!!!!!

    1. Buttttt running is good because you don’t need to do it with other people; you don’t need to book a court; you don’t need equipment; you don’t need to drive anywhere to do it; you don’t have to wait for opening times; you can listen to music whilst doing it and it’s freeeeeeee! So for now I’m choosing running! I’d prefer to go swimming but thats more hassle 🙂

  2. leampri says:

    So does this mean you’re doing yoga and running? You’ll be able to ANYTHING& everything at Christmas 😉

    1. Haha no not quite, only do one main yoga stretch before bed now! Plus I’d eat anything and everything at Xmas anyway mmhhmmm!

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