My Travels… Asia

I flew out of the homeland on the 25th April 2008. Goodbye  fish, chips & GRAVY, farewell my tasty roast beef and so long to the most delicious pieces of cheese you can find (in particular Stilton and Tasty Lancashire).

My bank account was full (an unusual feeling having only finished University the year before) and ready to be emptied on beaches, hikes, night markets, scuba diving… whatever South-East Asia had to offer.

It was to be a six month trip to experience new places, events, activities, food, cultures, you know the usual adventure seeking must dos. Then the plan was to return to Manchester (having previously left Lincolnshire) and get back to the day job.

What actually happended was quite the opposite. It would be nearly 4 years before I lived and worked in the UK again.

IMG_20170501_193457_242 (1)


    1. Nicola Fletcher

      awww thanks Stacey! It’s taking a while, but improving each day (whilst I have good internet). Desperate to complete the Taiwan section. You are going to feature in many pictures and stories!!!! I wish so uch I’d started this earlier, at least in Taiwan so I could have put things up as it happened!! xxx

  1. Julie Haslam

    This is great Nicola keep up the good work. Don’t forget all the food and drink highlights! Just might book a holiday to the Phillipines ! love julie x

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