Asia – Blogs

The information on this page and subsequent blogs were written between 2011 – 2015.


From April 2008 right up until this very recently, I’ve spent a lot of time living, travelling and working in Asia (specifically South-East Asia).

The food, the cultures, friendly people, hot weather, tropical sea, mind-blowing diving, the waterfalls, motor biking adventures, hot springs, new friends… there’s a lot that’s captured my attention and warranted years of relocation.

Unfortunately, WordPress didn’t exist during most of it which means my Asian blogs are written with a hint of hindsight but still based on notes, tastes, smells and insights from photobooks and scrapbooks created during that time.

Fear not! Everything Kuala Lumpur based is live and happening right now, blogs should appear, if I stop procrastinating…


Kuala Lumpur – A Must – my current South-East Asian base which is just marvellous. Throughout December and January 2016 I had a lot of visitors and this blog explores the excellent places we visited and ate in.

Penghu 12-09-2010

Paradise in Penghu – the stunning tropical island of Penghu off the west coast of Taiwan is a must do on any Taiwanese trip.

Taiwan - Taroko Gorge

Taiwan and all its Wonderful Sights! – Mountains, beaches, hot springs, night markets, gorges… there really is a lot!


My Local Mamak – A 24/7 Indian restaurant which seem to be found on most street corners in Malaysia. The ultimate Malaysian meal is found here, the roti canai.