Bakeries rule, especially in Argentina.

Glorious snow capped mountains, endless hiking trails, lakes, vineyards, wine tasting, whales, red meat, jam-packed BBQs hanging from giant hooks in the ceiling, Summer and Winter weather days… these are all the things that attracted me to Argentina. Little did I know that I would leave the country after two months with an addiction to dulce de leche and an enormous love for their baked goods.

I’ll go anywhere for food…(not prison).

The best thing about travelling has been seeing what everyone else eats, what do people queue for or reserve or slaves over the hob for? If they are doing all those things it means it’s good, possibly amazing. From tiny snails at a Taiwanese night market to the biggest steaks you could lay your eyes on in Argentina, I’ve been there to try it… more than once.

20 – 5 Days… Mountains, Whales, Penguins, a Capital City and an Endless Waterfall

Where to start?

I’ve been in South America for nearly nine months and eight of those have involved slow travel, my favourite kind of travel. I find a place, explore, eat, drink, stay in that place a little longer, explore some more, relax, wander, stay in that place a few more days and THEN after that maybe just maybe move on to the next place. There’s always been a lot of time to do everything. It’s great because it means you don’t get worn out by the endless bus journeys. However during this last month I’ve had to speed things up as the dreaded end date approaches. It has been absolutely fantastic, a jam packed, fun filled month but it’s put me behind in my blog and my head is spinning a little.

32 – 20 Days… Just a little run

Ladies and gentlemen you have heard correctly I have started running. Shock horror.

There is even a picture of me doing it.

How about that then?!

42 – 33 Days… Suspicious Balls

It’s 9.30pm at night, it’s pitch black and cold. I’m on a night bus going from Tucuman to Mendoza in Argentina. I’ve already been on the bus for five hours. Everybody around me is sleeping, or trying to sleep. I can hear a couple of snores coming from somewhere so there’s definitely one successful passenger. I’m really jealous of the snoring passenger, I wish I could fall asleep.

50 – 43 Days… Going Cooking Crazy

Throughout South America I’ve cooked a lot. This has been a surprising development to my travels. When I travelled around South-East Asia I never dreamt of cooking, well I couldn’t have cooked even if I’d wanted to, beach bungalows don’t tend to come with kitchens! Plus in South-East Asia eating out is cheap, whether it’s at a roadside stall, a night market or even a respectable restaurant, eating out in South-East Asia never empties the purse. The same can not be said of South America.